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Seven years ago, East Lake Initiative took our first step into serving the East Lake community.

A small group of volunteers met with Wanda Birchfield, Principal of Barrett Elementary School, to ask how they might be able to help. What did the school need? Where could she use them the most?

“We felt like the school was the epicenter, the heartbeat of the community,” Pam Bates, East Lake Initiative’s (ELI) Executive Director, explains.

Initially, ELI’s volunteers helped with special projects and story-reading, but after a year, the team was invited into classrooms to tutor students. For the last five years, ELI has been privileged to have a tutor in every Barrett Elementary classroom, helping eager students take their learning to the next level.

Our dedicated team of 20 tutors seeks to support the hard work of teachers and build good relationships with both students and staff.

“We are servants,” tutor Martha Knight says. “We’re here to serve.”

Serving and empowering is ELI’s mission and vision. Through strategic partnerships and holistic community development, we hope to see generational change. We believe East Lake has the people and the resources for change, and we want to connect people to opportunities to use those resources. Read More…

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